Coming soon new website

A new website is being made to replace the blog. It will be launched in the next two weeks. We have had such an amazing 18 months, from nothing to this ! Thank you for following us and please enjoy the new site that will be with you soon. Don't forget to be here for the launch on august the 4th 2012.
Thank you to everyone who came to our open evening what a great night. Have a very happy Christmas and New Year !

A November to remember...

What a month ! As planking continues we have some knackered shipwrights but morale is high and tea breaks are well deserved. We are over half way planked, deck beams are in and all aft bulkheads are now in place. The BETA engine and generator supplied by Oxley Marine are also in their place. Marcus has been hard at work welding and grinding all the metal work. Rudder hangings, deck supports and hanging knees all well under way. We are starting to see the space we have within the boat. Exciting designing is now happening to ensure we maximize space and yet keep our style. She is going to be awesome !! Launch date will be released soon...

October Progress

Grayhound is going to be a beauty !! As you climb up the scaffolding and look down upon this eighteenth century design it is hard not to smile as the pleasing curves appear before you. She is shapely and magnificent and she is only three months into her build. Now the progress is very fast , a lot has happened in the last two weeks. Planks are constantly going up and her beam shelf is now in which makes her look sturdy and defines her lines. The rudder was hung last week after the inside of the stern post was lined with copper. Treenails are still being used everyday and it is not too late to have your name written on one just send us £5.00 and tell us your name and message.