2011 build starts

 FOLLOW US ON OUR JOURNEY as we bring to life this historic vessel once again on Cornish soil. Construction has started , you will be able to see over the next year the different stages of building a wooden ship by just following this blog. Chris Rees a local traditional boatbuilder is heading our team of shipwrights, while Marcus and Freya are managing the project. We will launch Grayhound in September 2012 and continue her fit out. THEN you will be able join us on a voyage and learn how a 18th century three masted lugger was sailed. We have choosen Grayhound because she is a little bit different....she was a real privateer ship in her day, built for speed and fighting. She has a fantastic history and we will be sailing her with her original  Lug rig that is rarely in use these days. She will have a huge and unique sail area over 3000 square feet, making her a spectacle in any port. We are so proud to be building this ship and hope that you can be part of her journey. We will appreciate any contributions made to our project whether it is volunteering your time, donating vital materials or just supporting us along our way.